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(937.43 KB 588x533 reee.gif)
Anonyme 01/19/2020 (Sun) 05:05:27 No. 243 [Reply]
I fucking hate whites because they can't stop doing 3 things: sucking nigger dick, licking minge, and bashing their own race. Fucking niggers literally cannot stop insulting nazis and worshipping w*men and niggers. I mean idgaf about your self mutilation and masochist fetish... as long as i'm not aware of it, but fucking whitoids broadcast it. I go to the internet to have, I don't know, intellectual discussion when a tranny makes a thread about how much of a fag he is and how white males are evil. WHY THE FUCK DO WHITE PEOPLE DO THIS? >hurr yikes yeetnot all niggers are bad, women deserve respect, yeet yikes owo i love anime owo look at my avatar owo yikes yeet i hate germans and fascism and violence and love to suck cock yikes yeet durr I DON'T GIVE A FUCK YOU LOVE NIGGERS AND HATE WHITES, SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT YOU FUCKING WHITOID!
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You are fucking paranoid, dude. I was just shitposting
(90.57 KB 1497x843 11379219.jpg)
>>400 No you, I was the one shitposting in the first place.
>>243 Whites people are good, they could never hurt no one.

(11.69 KB 200x197 200px-Pelevin.jpg)
Anonyme 02/06/2020 (Thu) 18:01:16 No. 341 [Reply]
Board/thread flooding, spamming, wiping out old threads/posts, any imageboards, any requests. email: fn_[email protected] XMPP/Jabber: Fn_[email protected]
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(79.24 KB 388x389 1552006499531.png)
>>362 It's a typical chan for trannies who think they are anime girls. The anti spam features is pretty high level tbh, I think a lot of peoples messed with them in the past lmao
>>362 >>365 It's something even worse than trannies. They are, may Allah forgive me for even uttering the word, w*men.
>>341 are you from bernd.group?

Anonyme 02/13/2020 (Thu) 22:34:50 No. 378 [Reply]
26 years old loser here, just lost my virginities over the course of this week; I don't get it why /r9k/ says it's hard. All I had to do was harvest polen from a flower and turn it into honey myself
(661.77 KB 2048x1536 1580677886743.jpg)
>>378 to pay.

(9.15 KB 200x200 pichal0073.jpg)
Please help Anonyme 02/13/2020 (Thu) 21:37:54 No. 376 [Reply]
Brothers write trolls on my behalf. The moment when there are problems in my life. And they write posts that are not characteristic for me that I supposedly do not need help. I need help, I am starving and sitting without work, it's hard for me. I have a problem's. I beg. Help for food. 410018988639796 Yandex wallet, I ask you to help with food.

(53.55 KB 700x610 PBggqQXEbjE.jpg)
Anonyme 02/11/2020 (Tue) 20:53:16 No. 371 [Reply]
I like the ideas of National Socialism.
(165.09 KB 750x1124 1459193639698.jpg)
>>371 German way or Russian way?

(168.83 KB 640x651 doomer.jpg)
Anon 12/17/2019 (Tue) 12:59:18 Id:c7fc6f No. 4 [Reply]
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(411.26 KB 1111x986 1572724006398.jpg)
>>4 test

(207.56 KB 711x1744 IMG_20200205_074443_886.JPG)
Anonyme 02/05/2020 (Wed) 06:46:24 No. 326 [Reply]
Are you a stupid +30yo childless stupid THOT with a drinking problem? lmao I am Praise me and gimme welfare now incels!
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>>354 Ask you a serious question swede fren, what if it's the imageboards actually shaping societies more than the society shapes imageboards.
>>359 No I think the meme magick stuff is real >donal trumpchi >supreme gentleman >tarrantino >el paso >leipzig guy >trannyism >the incel/femcel meme >now the _oomer meme we have let the genie out of the bottle and now he wont go back in
(337.28 KB 656x468 1576725121633.png)
(52.09 KB 300x367 1492595375570.gif)
(112.72 KB 800x600 1469382835826.jpg)
>>361 I hope kek isn't secretly some ebil God.

(147.89 KB 1024x768 IMG_0629.JPG)
Anonyme 02/10/2020 (Mon) 00:30:17 No. 360 [Reply]
I have come to offer you some penis wine, get your fill before it runs out.
in tenerife there is banana wine want that instead?
(60.06 KB 200x632 banana-wine-1.jpg)
>>364 Banana wine? Looks awesome.

(160.06 KB 446x764 1457116903435.jpeg)
Anonyme 02/03/2020 (Mon) 21:18:56 No. 311 [Reply]
> See more New Imageboards list https://fia.st/VA1V88w .
>>311 It miss a lot of IBs There is also encyclopediadramatica.rs but it seems down atm Also some github json have a huge maintened list of IBs.
>>311 Also why use a redirector? Post your chan raw http://dolly-chan.pw/b/res/963.html

(4.39 MB 2000x4000 1579823555717.png)
Anonyme 02/02/2020 (Sun) 17:56:59 No. 310 [Reply]


no cookies?