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(151.80 KB 920x1163 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 12:28:03 No. 2189 [Reply]
I wish I was french how is to be french?
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(5.47 MB 1280x720 JAxhMv2lq3OIxfAP.mp4)
>>2200 Lool, epic. Glad we have some fans abroad

(12.70 KB 487x498 Screenshot_20200606_030829.jpg)
Chill Discord 07/05/2020 (Sun) 21:32:27 No. 2180 [Reply]
https://dicksword.gg/3Q84p8f Join our dicksword for TRANIES Europeans only. ESPECIALLY WOMEN TRANNIES not a honeypot thank you
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(2.27 MB 296x367 1549344829896.gif)
>>2180 Fuck you

(55.44 KB 680x453 france, soon.jpg)
Best Francophone Tranny Sites? Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 13:13:43 No. 2177 [Reply]
What are the best sites to find amateur tranny beurette porn?
>>2177 xvideos.coom is a French website

Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 20:41:10 No. 2150 [Reply]
How does one woud cope in a hypothetical future where his people would be ethnically replaced in an organized and methodical way by leftists, capitalists, jews and freemassons?
He does not , he fights for his people and fight for his rights

Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 20:47:42 No. 2151 [Reply]
>be black >steal white jeep from furries >"fuck furries!" >go joyriding with your black friend >"hey let's check out CHAZ!" >arrive >get shot up immediately >CHAZ security unleash 100 rounds on you >now you're dead >your friend is in ICU >all because you look like a white supremacist >who did a drive by shooting in a white jeep 15 minutes ago Is this BASED timeline?
I like france
(203.65 KB 1200x640 1542469852871.png)

(72.03 KB 810x1080 00121.jpg)
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>>2161 >no fentanyl

Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 19:21:07 No. 2156 [Reply]
Finnish Air Force abandoned using swastika. Finnish Air Forces have been using swastika since 1918, and in 2020 they abandoned using it. The swastikas used by the Finnish Army became a target of global hatred and a weapon for the foreigner information warfare. According to the director of staff of the Finnish Air Force, they thought it'd be much easier just to abandon using the swastika than keep using it. Abandoning it has stirred a controversy in Finland because swastikas were always a central part of the Finnish national identity. https://www.hs.fi/kotimaa/art-2000006557623.html

(3.58 MB 480x360 jobs.webm)
Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 19:22:29 No. 2149 [Reply]
>jobs Do you have a job anon? Does jobs define yourself?
I have a job and I very much love it, thank you. Does it define me? No. I defined my job based on who I am.

(113.17 KB 459x470 28.png)
Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 19:47:37 No. 2148 [Reply]

(62.92 KB 1280x720 faggot.jpg)
Musical industry tries to brainwash us with their music Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 12:36:22 No. 2139 [Reply]
Music instruments need to be tuned correctly befor making music with them and recording it. The tuning has been accepted for more than 100 years to be such that note A is 440Hz. Other notes follow the A. However natural sound of music was supposed to be A = 432 Hz. Some people say Nazi propaganda master Josef Goebbels invented 440 Hz. But I am sure it was made by Freemasons instead. 440 Hz makes people anxious after listening music made in this tuning. Yet ALL MUSIC that comes out of your radio was recorded with such a tuning. So the music industry is deep down entrenched in this conspiracy. What is with 432 Hz then? Nature. 432 as a number: it is a sum of four consecutive primes: 103 + 107 + 109 + 113. It is exactly three gross, where gross = 144 is a traditional unit. An equilateral triangle whose area and perimeter are equal has the area of exactly the square root of 432. In 1939, there was an international conference held in London that resulted in a recommendation to use A = 440 Hz, as a compromise between the various tuning systems used at the time, some of which reached beyond 450 Hz. This recommendation was further supported by the fact that the BBC required their orchestras to tune to 440 Hz instead of 439 Hz because 439 is a prime number, and the corresponding frequency was hard to generate electronically with standard electronic clocks. Eventually, in 1955, the standard A = 440 Hz was adopted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Virtually all commercially produced contemporary music is tuned to A = 440 Hz. John Lennon (British musician) was killed because in 1970s he used tuning of 525 Hz, not 440Hz. His song, Imagine, tried to promote world peace and not using 440Hz would help in this attempt. Bob Marley used 432 Hz and soon after selling a few records, he suspiciously dies of cancer. Did CIA give him the cancer?

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