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Anonyme 01/18/2020 (Sat) 09:59:06 No. 518
Admin, a known spammer got his entries on the webring. Please do the following: - Update your webring addon to the latest version - Add the following entries to your blacklist.txt: pastebin.com oceanchan.xyz fatchinks.is redditchan.org - Delete your spider_cache.txt - Restart Lynxchan Once you do this, the entries will be removed and the webring addon will be more resilient to such attacks.
>>518 Oh yeah, there was something weird yesterday lol Thanks for keeping me updated.
Further issues you may have - vch/v/ now directly links to 8kun. You are able to remove the board or the site entirely from your iteration of the webring if you so choose.
>>520 OK thanks for keeping me updated. It look synced, do you know if it's closed or if it will come back latter?


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